Friday, April 19, 2013

Adventures of the white house

As I had posted two months earlier, that we shifted from the tiny house to white house. Its huge. ok not so huge for people living in other cities but for us its a transformation as its almost three times bigger than the tiny house and is way way more organised.

Actually looks like a house.

So, after the initial obstacles of cleaning, deciding where to put which thing/person, organising the cupboards, figuring out n number of water taps in the bathroom, discovering cupboards to store stuff or even corpses, buying the whole big bazaar for cleaning the house, getting some endless amount of duplicate keys made, fixing the maid, making the kitchen look like one, changing like 5-6 looks of the windows from saris to bedsheets to dupattas then finally to some pretty curtains, sourcing the cushions and linens from our mothers.. we were set. Then one fine morning, me and devika were pinteresting. (Yes, we also have this disease) and we saw this super desk which we wanted to make at once. Although whatever DIY you browse on pinterest never see the daylight. This one did, late but did.

I have recently bought an iMac and I had set it up on Divya's tiny table so I had to sit without a backrest. After sitting like that for like 10 days, I got frustrated and went to Amboli and got this table done. I was so happy with the outcome that I didnt want the carpenter to get it painted. Kanishka suggested that we paint it at home. We at once went and bought paint. After a lot of contemplation we bought these flouroscent ones. And again, I love the outcome. All of us were so happy :D

I have put together a video of the making of this table. We look very very funny.

Also, I finally got the giant wasseypur poster framed that I had got in Secret Santa in December. It looks like a dream paired with this table.

Earlier, I was looking at stupid tables and desks online and in the market and that too so expensive. This one came out to be around 2500 for the table and 2500 for 2 chairs which we got at a bargain from Jogeshwari furniture market. We are still in process of setting up the awesome living room we've got, I will keep posting more for this when we get the giant cushions for the seating and one more seating with the small cushions :D

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