Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Oh well that was a 40th :)

When I am writing this, I have spent 18 hours non-stop shooting with mini breaks of 15 minutes for lunch and dinner respectively. Kanishka didn't even have a dinner break since she was dumping the cards, charging the batteries and all the boring stuff. Other two people including her are sleeping while we wait for our flight at Jaipur airport. I am too excited to sleep since I just realised it was our 40th wedding. 40 is no milestone, it has to be 25 or 50 or some other exciting number. But the bigger thing was that both of us didn't even realise when the 25th went by :D

I am so sure that we would not have noticed when 50th would have gone by unless it was my dropbox which got full and I saw our wedding salad folder has 34 folders and I still have to edit 5 more weddings and then this one that we shot yesterday and I am like we just shot our 40th. That is so many weddings in a year. Well, there are a lot more weddings that happen in our country. But a big thanks to all the couples who trusted us with their big day and their precious memories. To all the grooms who didnt know what they were suppose to do when camera was pointed at them but smile since their bride would want that. To all the parents of all the brides and grooms who after all their hesitations welcomed the young girls who didnt even surpass their standards of professional age. To all the vendors and event planners who recommended us. To all the people who wrote about us, printed about us, tweeted about us, shared about us, talked about us, supported us! Biggest hug to everyone.

I am so happy that the 40th was so exciting, with one of the most enthusiastic couples who were ready to do whatever you ask them to. Here is one from their save the date shoot which happens to be our first of the sorts. Their wedding has been too one of the exciting weddings that we have shot, will be on the blog shortly. There are so many things that are going to be up online in coming days, making up for a slow presence in the past. Things got really busy than we had anticipated but for the best! Stay tuned at

Once again, thanks a lot for being part of our journey :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Genuine doctors? Bleh

Recently, a very close cousin of mine started feeling dizzy while sitting in the office. He thought he was looking at the same spot since a very long time, may be thats why. He looked somewhere else and now his vision was wavy. Suddenly, after a few seconds everything blacked out and he fainted. Someone from the office helped him regain conscious and he went home. Same thing followed the next day. And he went to see my uncle (my father's brother) who is a doctor. He ran a series of tests and checkups and they thought it must be due to stress. Again, for the third time he fainted. This was sort of alarming. My uncle checked his pulse and it was very low. They took him to a neuro guy who again ran a series of tests but everything was normal. He fainted again, now they took him to a cardiac guy who ran a day long test and told us that his pulse was fluctuating a lot and he needs to have a pacemaker immediately.

To give you a background, my cousin Gaurav who is 26 years old is my father's brother's son who left us a few years ago because of a major heart problem. My father's eldest brother who is the doctor has had his share of heart surgeries and other heart problems. My father suffers from a variety of problems like blood pressure, cholesterol and has been a patient of epilepsy in the past. My paternal grand dad and grand mom died much earlier because of heart problems so the family history is a pretty fucked up case.

So coming back to my topic, my father and my uncle showed him to a variety of doctors and everyone suggested to get a pacemaker asap. They decided to go to Delhi but then Gaurav's senior at his office who was also worried about his health told them not to. His mother recently got a pacemaker and from Ludhiana itself. His brothers were ready to hire a private helicopter and fly her to delhi for this surgery. The Delhi guy was charging them four to five times more for the same thing. He decided to get it done here and she is all fit and fine today. But still, Gaurav's mother and his sisters had their doubts which are very genuine to have. You really can't trust any doctor these days. What all of us believe is that my uncle died due to late diagnosis. He was admitted at DMC, a very very reputed college and hospital with a dedicated centre for treating cardiac diseases. They kept running a series of tests everyday. My cousins who were with him all the time say that they ran the same test everyday and his condition deteriorated  with each second.

Later on, after 10-15 days they showed his reports to my uncle's friend who specialises in cardiac. You won't believe what he said, he didn't even utter a single word about the pacemaker. His reaction was that Gaurav gyms a lot and that is what is stressing his body out. And he didn't gym for like 10 days, the fainting thing vanished. We were so surprised and shocked, what if we had given in and went for the pacemaker.

I have seen a very close friend's father leaving us when he was diagnosed with blood cancer at the very first stage. He could have lived with the cancer for at least 8-10 years. He could have seen her getting a job, getting married. He could have even seen his younger daughter get married. But he decided to get treated. On the fourth day of his chemo at the same hospital, he stopped responding to the treatment. What my friend says, that they didn't even check if his body was accepting chemo well or not. He was younger than my own father sans all the diseases.

I don't know if such people when they have seen their loved ones being literally snatched away like this will ever trust a doctor again.

I know the feeling of a loved one taken away. It is brutal and it kills you every time you think about the chain of events that lead to it. You know inside that the time wasn't right and they were very young but you could do very less or even nothing to avoid it. And that very thought just squeezes the last drop of blood out of your heart. You start wishing that only if they would have died in an accident or due to some fatalist disease which seems to be the only way to accept their departure.

I wish doctors get some sense in their minds so that no one ever has to go through it because you can't help but think of them every single day of your life.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Adventures of the white house

As I had posted two months earlier, that we shifted from the tiny house to white house. Its huge. ok not so huge for people living in other cities but for us its a transformation as its almost three times bigger than the tiny house and is way way more organised.

Actually looks like a house.

So, after the initial obstacles of cleaning, deciding where to put which thing/person, organising the cupboards, figuring out n number of water taps in the bathroom, discovering cupboards to store stuff or even corpses, buying the whole big bazaar for cleaning the house, getting some endless amount of duplicate keys made, fixing the maid, making the kitchen look like one, changing like 5-6 looks of the windows from saris to bedsheets to dupattas then finally to some pretty curtains, sourcing the cushions and linens from our mothers.. we were set. Then one fine morning, me and devika were pinteresting. (Yes, we also have this disease) and we saw this super desk which we wanted to make at once. Although whatever DIY you browse on pinterest never see the daylight. This one did, late but did.

I have recently bought an iMac and I had set it up on Divya's tiny table so I had to sit without a backrest. After sitting like that for like 10 days, I got frustrated and went to Amboli and got this table done. I was so happy with the outcome that I didnt want the carpenter to get it painted. Kanishka suggested that we paint it at home. We at once went and bought paint. After a lot of contemplation we bought these flouroscent ones. And again, I love the outcome. All of us were so happy :D

I have put together a video of the making of this table. We look very very funny.

Also, I finally got the giant wasseypur poster framed that I had got in Secret Santa in December. It looks like a dream paired with this table.

Earlier, I was looking at stupid tables and desks online and in the market and that too so expensive. This one came out to be around 2500 for the table and 2500 for 2 chairs which we got at a bargain from Jogeshwari furniture market. We are still in process of setting up the awesome living room we've got, I will keep posting more for this when we get the giant cushions for the seating and one more seating with the small cushions :D